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A message from Executive Director Brad Poiriez

winds of change

Brad Poiriez 

Now in our 26th year, MDAQMD’s signature cooperative working relationship with regulated industry continues to serve as the model for air districts across the state and I’m honored for the opportunity to carry on this tradition. At MDAQMD, teamwork and working hard for our constituents are key factors in protecting the air breathed by a population approaching 700,000 residents.

As Executive Director of the second geographically largest air district in the state, I’m always looking for ways to implement improvements — “business as usual” is not my style. Whether it’s working on new ways to streamline the permitting process, keeping an eye on our air monitoring equipment during the recent fires or keeping a finger on the pulse of the District’s budget to ensure transparency and continued solvency, it’s all in a day’s work.

In 2019, we unveiled a new logo and have joined several local chambers of commerce throughout our jurisdiction to work directly with business on air quality issues. We have heavily increased our focus on outreach to students and residents through several channels, including social media, where our engagement and page follows have grown by more than 800 percent. 

Besides the responsibility of improving and maintaining healthful air quality within our region, two of our most important jobs at the District are keeping the lines of communication open to the public and with regulated industry and helping them to understand and comply with our regulations. When businesses understand what is expected of them and we provide the tools to help them comply – whether these tools are in the form of compliance assistance, grants or just a friendly ear – we all benefit through increased business retention, enhanced economic development and most importantly, improved air quality.

While growth and change are inevitable, our mission statement — "to attain and maintain a healthful environment while supporting strong and sustainable economic growth“ — will not change. This is the way we will always do business here at MDAQMD.

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