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  Frequently Asked Questions



  • How do I know if an air permit is required from the MDAQMD for my business?

    Typically, a business which has the potential to emit air pollutants (including air toxic and hazardous air pollutants) will require a permit to operate.  PTE refers the highest amounts of certain pollutants that your business could release into the air.  Different types of air pollution control devices are also required for different processes depending upon the size of the operation for compliance with MDAQMD regulations.  Applications may be submitted online here.  For more information, please contact one of our Air Quality Engineers at (760) 245-1661 for help with the necessary information for application submittal.

  • How do I register an air pollution complaint?

    Call 1-800-635-4617  (24 hours per day, 7 days a week) and your complaint will be logged onto an official MDAQMD complaint form.  After that, an Air Quality Specialist will investigate your concerns during normal hours of operation and determine if there is a violation of MDAQMD regulations..You can also download a complaint form yourself here.  If a violation exists, the person or business will be required to correct the problem.  A notice of Violation may also be issued by the MDAQMD.

  • What are the local asbestos regulation for commercial buildings?

    The federal Asbestos National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP),  as specified under 40 CFR 61, Subpart M, applies to asbestos removal and demolitions and is enforced locally by the MDAQMD.  Residential buildings that are four or fewer units do not require notifications; however, a Demolition/Renovation Checklist/Questionnaire must be completed.  Completion of this Questionnaire is also required for all commercial buildings to determine if an application for a Demolition/Renovation Permit requires the completion of a Notification of Demolition/Renovation form and payment and applicable fees.  All above forms and instructions are available here,

    Questions regarding asbestos notifications and requirements may be submitted to asbestos@mdaqmd.ca.gov or call (760) 245-1661.

  • Are there any rules against using my woodstove or fireplace in the MDAQMD?

    The MDAQMD has not adopted any rules which limit when or what types of woodstoves and fireplaces may be used within its jurisdiction.  However, if you do burn, there are ways you can limit wood smoke emissions, which can contain carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter that can be harmful to your health:

    • Burn only seasoned firewood.
    • Burn longer and cleaner with hardwood
    • Maintain your fireplace properly.
    • Use cleaner alternatives – try an electric fireplace, switch to gas or install a certified wood burning fireplace insert.

The MDAQMD encourages the use of cleaner burning , EPA-certified wood burning appliances, including woodstoves and fireplaces.  To learn more, visit  EPA's Burn Wise website.

  • When does the  Governing Board meet?

    The MDAQMD Governing Board adopts the District’s budget, sets staffing levels, adopts rules and regulations, sets District policies and evaluates the performance of the Air Pollution Control Officer.  The Board meets the fourth Monday of each month, as needed.  Click here to view our Governing Board meeting schedule.

  • When does the Hearing Board meet?

The MDAQMD’s Hearing Board is responsible for hearing cases pertaining to permit issues, variances and abatement orders affecting business and industry. The Hearing Board meets the second Thursday of the month, as needed. Learn more about our Hearing, Governing and Technical Advisory Boards here.