What you can do for clean air

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 Tips for protecting and improving air quality

Alternative transportation

Whenever possible, you can help cut emissions by walking, biking and carpooling to get wherever you need to go. Use public transit such as VVTA in the Victor Valley or PVVTA in the Palo Verde Valley when possible, or consider purchasing an Electric Vehicle (EV)

Clean, renewable energy

Installing solar panels or generating electricity through a wind turbine cuts our dependence on fossil fuels and other dirty energy that pollute the air we breathe.

Install plants

Plants inside and outside your home naturally purify air by absorbing carbon dioxide and various toxic compounds. The best air purifying plants, according to a NASA study, are aloe, spider plants and English ivy.

Smarter refueling

When refueling your car with gasoline, try going early in the morning or at night. Liquid gasoline is more dense when there are cooler temperatures, meaning fewer vapors escape while you're filling up. After refueling, make sure your gas cap fits tightly to prevent further vapor escape.

Burn wiser

Only burn completely dry wood and avoid burning on cold, clear, calm nights when the smoke won't dissipate. For daytime/outdoor burning, check with your local fire station (which offers the final authorization on permitted burning).

Zero-emissions lawn & garden equipment

While there are no current regulations on lawn and garden equipment, we can all help each other by switching to zero-emissions equipment (i.e. mowers, trimmers and blowers) powered by electricity rather than gasoline.