Public Notices & Advisories

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The MDAQMD is required to distribute and/or post notices to inform and allow the public to comment on about certain projects, Rule Changes/Adoptions, CEQA Actions, facilities and/or permits proposed to be issued by the district. In addition the MDAQMD will post Advisories  that are of importance to the public and or regulated industry.

Please note that public notices as required by Rule 1302(C)(7)(a) and (b) (such as Federal Operating Permit, Emission Reduction Credit consumption, significant health risk, major Modification, major Prevention of Significant Deterioration or Federally Significant issuances) are noticed on the District website and in newspapers of general circulation; please contact the District if you are looking for information on specific permitting actions or need assistance regarding the commenting process.

To aid in locating pertinent information we have broken down the Public Notices/Advisories into categories with dedicated pages below. If you should have any questions please contact the District and or consult the Public Notices & Advisories FAQ. 

Advisories - General 

Public Notices - Permitting

Public Notices - Rules/CEQA